Sports Themed Gifts

Sport Themed Gifts


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Charlie Brown & Lucy Comics - 4055661
Peanuts by Jim Shore
3.5 in H
This whimsical comic strip design illustrates the trials and tribulations of "touch" football combining the iconic Peanuts characters and delightful folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Sally, Lucy, Snoopy Jump Rope - 4055659
Peanuts by Jim Shore
4.625 in H
Snoopy concentrates on the task at hand as he jumps rope "double-dutch" style between Lucy and Sally in this whimsical design combining the beloved Peanuts characters and iconic style of folk artist Jim Shore.
Woodstock Windsurfing - 4055656
Peanuts by Jim Shore
3 in H
What better place for Woodstock to try his hand at windsurfing than in Snoopy's dog bowl? This charming design pairs the brightly feathered friend from Charles Schultz's Peanuts and the unique artistry of Jim Shore.
Joe Cool Snoopy with Surfboard - 4055655
Peanuts by Jim Shore
5.625 in H
Snoopy as Joe Cool holds a surf board decorated in a brightly colored quilt pattern in this whimsical creation featuring the beloved beagle from Charles Schultz's Peanuts and the umistakable artistry of Jim Shore.
Cheerleading Snoopy and Sally - 4054083
Peanuts by Jim Shore
5.5 in H
Sally and Snoopy cheer the Peanuts team to victory in this colorful design pairing two of our favorite Peanuts characters with the unique artistry that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Baseball Schroeder and Lucy - 4054082
Peanuts by Jim Shore
6 in H
Lucy reads a befuddled Schroeder the riot act in this "Mound of Trouble" design combining the beloved Peanuts characters, our national pasttime, and the whimsical artistry that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Peanuts Skateboarding Buddies - 4054080
Peanuts by Jim Shore
4.125 in H
Charlie Brown is no match for Snoopy in this fun set featuring a somewhat shaky skateboarding boy and his always cool dog. The pair is artfully decorated in Jim Shore's signature combination of quilt patterns and rosemaling designs.
Baseball Charlie Brown - 4043619
Peanuts by Jim Shore
6 in H
What's more American than Charlie Brown playing a game of baseball? Great for little leaguers and Peanuts fans alike.
AAUGH Word Plaque - 4042388
Peanuts by Jim Shore
3.75 in H
Ever have one of those days? Designed by Jim Shore for Peanuts, this iconic catch phrase is a fantastic stress reliever.
Football Lucy & Charlie Brown - 4042376
Peanuts by Jim Shore
5 in H
From the iconic comic strips of Peanuts, Jim Shore takes this very memorable moment and encapsulates all the hope and dread of what's to follow. But the message is clear. Never give up Charlie Brown! Today just might be your lucky day!
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